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Classes We Need At The Moment - figurine - 08-08-2015

In terms of overall progression, feel free to take a peek at our >>>News section<<< for details. For other information about the guild or how to apply, see the additional links listed below.

If you wish to apply to Keine Neuen, please make sure you have read our >>>About Us Page<<< first.

For instructions on how to apply to Keine Neuen, check out our >>>Application Information Page<<<.

Feel free to also read our >>>Guild Ranks Page<<<.

>>>Updated 08/08/15<<<

Recruitment Needs: (Exceptional apps will always be considered no matter what our immediate needs are.)

Death Knight: Medium (DPS)
Druid: Low (Resto), High (DPS)
Hunter: Medium
Mage: Medium
Monk: High (Mist/Wind)
Paladin: Medium Ret | Low (Holy)
Priest: Low(Shadow/Disc) | Low (Holy)
Rogue: Medium
Shaman: Medium Enh | Low (Resto)
Warlock: Low
Warrior: Low (Prot) | Low(DPS)