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1. Main character name:
anlbuffaka(illidan), kásdeya(illidan), Tyiedrin(illidan)

2. Class and spec:
Frost/Blood DK, shadow/holy priest, trifecta monk (can play all)

3. Link to your armory page:

4. Notable alts (name, class, and spec) who are max level:
Also have a hunter, mage, warlock, rogue all max.
5. Your First Name:

6. Age (must be over 21):

7. Location:
8. Your Availability:
Any really

9. Are you able to make the raid night based on our current schedule (Friday 7:30PM-11:30PM CST)?

10. We expect a certain level of raid experience/knowledge at this point in the game. This guild went through many tiers of content through BC all the way through to killing the Lich King in WOTLK, and completing the Ruby Sanctum. Many of us also raided extensively pre-BC. We aren't a starter guild, and we aren't here to educate people in the finer details of how to raid, or how to play their class. The knowledge of raid coordination, and just good old experience is really necessary at this point in the game. That said, what is your raiding experience? Please list your pre-BC, BC, WotLK, Cata, Mists, and WOD raiding experience.
I have raided since WotLK and on, taking breaks here and there around end of cata / during mists. Returned to legion but got stuck in the "Your a trial, you get no gear" category.

11. What is making you/made you leave your last/current guild?
Just returning.

12. Why do you want to join this guild? Please answer this carefully indicating that you have read through our site and understand what this guild is about.
Friends with Leapra IRL, brother of old member Satlan and I wiped the guild once pulling Syndragosa in an epic fashion.

13. Are you willing to bring and use flasks, pots, and stat food when needed?
Of course.

14. Please explain your raiding rotation including the use of spec, class, race and trinket cooldowns in order to indicate the knowledge of your class and spec.
Depends on which toon i'm on. Too small a thread to post in its entirety but I'd point you in the direction of icy-veins where I gather most of my info.

15. Do you control your own internet connection? Is your connection stable and suitable for raiding in WoW?
Yes 100Mbps

16. Please provide a raid logs report (Such as AskMrRobot or any other parser report) that can show us how you utilize your class role/abilities the best.ásdeya

17. We are currently not doing Mythic so this will not apply at this time, but if we were: We work with rotations for all raiders within groups (tanks, healers, ranged dps, melee dps) to ensure that each member of the group is getting rotated in the same amount as everyone else. This means that everyone does sit out at some point. How would you feel if you were asked to sit out on any given raid night if the raid was currently full? More importantly, how do you feel about rotations? (Please make sure to read this more detailed explanation of how our rotations work.)

No problem for me, be nice to know ahead of time if possible so I can plan ahead as well.

18. The guild's focus is progression and this means we actively pursue Raid Achievements and Hard Modes. How do you feel about Raid Achievements and Hard Modes?
I enjoy them, I look for progression on downing bosses more than anything within WoW.

19. Hybrid classes: If you have a spec which you dual specialize in, what is it? Is this dual specialized spec something you are comfortable raiding with as well? If so, please detail why you picked this spec as your choice for dual specialization and let us know how much experience you have had raiding with this spec and if you have an alternate set of gear that accompanies this spec.
I enjoy frost more than unholy, blood tanking is fun as well and yes I keep them both even.

Shadow priest and holy are both specs I enjoy playing, holy is lacking behind slightly

Monk is the same, even all 3 specs and I enjoy playing all of them.

20. Our (non-public) forums are very active. We also use our (non-public) forums for raid sign-ups and for important guild announcements/strategies/planning. We have had people join in the past who would never log onto the forums which made absolutely no sense since it is the main place to find out everything about raids/members of the guild/strategies etc. If you join, will you make sure that you keep up with our forums and actively read them and participate?

21. Are there any future circumstances that would change your raid availability (school, life situation changing over the next few months, change in job hours, time to spend on the philosophical exploration of the meaning of life, etc.)?

22. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. DO NOT skip this question as social nature of our guild is just as important to us as the skill and knowledge of our raiders.
Im a network engineer for a school, i spend an unhealthy amount of time at the PC between work and wow. I play other games too. (PUBG, LoL, etc.)

23. Recruitment is very important to any long lasting guild. Please let us know, how did you go about searching for your new WoW home, what sites did you visit, and how did you hear about Keine Neuen?
Knew of Keine Neuen since before I even began raiding really.
Thanks for your application! We would like to extend to you an invitation to the guild. With that said let me go over a few things as well as answer any questions you might have. All our new apps start off as trial raiders. After a few raids and a performance review, if everything goes well, trials get promoted to full raider status. We use the in game calendar to sign up for raids and use an application called Slack for communication outside of the game.

Let us know if you have any questions. If you understand everything and are ready to join, look up any of the officers (Figurine, Sinaz, Hsyr, Enderon, Sutiru) in game and we will toss you an invite.

Thank you,
Thanks much! Appreciate the opportunity. I have already transferred my priest back to Mal'Ganis and will look for an officer next time i'm online.


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