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Our Guild Ranks And What They Mean - figurine - 08-08-2015

Officer: Officers run raids, hand out materials from the guild bank, manage rotations and DKP, maintain the direction and atmosphere of the guild, and address questions and issues that may arise.

Deputy: Deputies are raiders who have volunteered to assist with rotations, DKP, assignments, recruiting, guild bank management, and performance analysis.

Raider: Raiders attend all progression and farm raid content with Keine Neuen. Raiders go through Keine Neuen's application process to become a part of our core raid team. Each class within the raid team is subject to rotations with other Raiders of their class who at the same rank (Raider) as raids require.

Trial Raider : New members of Keine Neuen that have been invited as Raiders start as Trial Raiders. Trial Raiders have their raid performance closely evaluated for a period of time after joining Keine Neuen. Typically, Trial Raiders can expect an evaluation period of 10 full raid nights, during which guild leadership will chart both the performance of the Trial Raider in a raid environment, and how the Trial Raider fits in with Keine Neuen socially. Approximately 5 raid nights into their evaluation, the typical Trial Raider can expect a 1 on 1 discussion with a guild Officer or Deputy to answer any lingering questions, and to discuss any concerns that the guild leadership has regarding the Trial Raider's performance. At the end of the evaluation period, guild leadership will decide to either promote the Trial Raider to full Raider status, extend the evaluation period, or if the Trial Raider simply is not working out, demote to Regular Member or remove from Keine Neuen. Former full Raiders that return after an extended absence will typically start as a Trial Raider upon their return.

Regular Member : Regular Members are invited as friends or family. This is purely a social rank. Because it is purely a social rank, Regular Members do not raid with Keine Neuen on progression or farm content. If a Raider or Back-up Raider is not available for a 10 man raid, a Regular Member may fill their spot. Regular Members are given a chance at loot for 10 man raid content provided that no core Raiders or Back-up Raiders or Alts need that same loot at that time. Regular Members are subject to our Guild Behavior Policy just like every other member of the Guild. Regular Members must apply to KN and state clearly that they are looking to join as a Regular Member. Should a Regular Member decide they may wish to raid with Keine Neuen, they must go through the same application process as Keine Neuen's raiding roster. They are subject to the same expectations (should they apply for a raiding position) in terms of experience , gear , role expectations and need for the role they may be looking to fill at that time.

Alt : Keine Neuen allows all guild members to have their alts in the guild.


Keine Neuen is a progression Raid Guild first and foremost. For full details about us, please read our About Page.