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Guild Behavior Policy
For the people who applied to us outright and read our charter, one of the main things that attracted/attracts a lot of people who have come into this guild or are thinking of joining the guild and the core reason we made this guild aside from raid progression was this:

As such, we try to maintain a civil, respectful, mature, and bigotry-free environment; people who desire a trash-talking guild should go elsewhere. Applicants should be able to string together a coherent, intelligible sentence; if your typing resembles someone rolling their face across a keyboard, this is not the place for you. Keine Neuen is an equal-opportunity raid guild; typical immature gamer prejudices are not tolerated here.

What this also means is that many of us are into keeping a guild that is free of the immaturity and disrespect prevalent in most guild chats and also in most raids. Think about what you're saying before you say/type it.

We do not have a 'no profanity' rule. We are adults, we swear in real life, some amount of profanity is normal! But, on that note, if 'fuck' (or whatever else, you get the point Big Grin is the word which frequently flows from your fingers and you cannot type a single sentence without profanity/swearing, this will not fly here in this type of guild.

Most of us are older than the typical WoW player and that being the case are all for respect in terms of how we approach conversation in guild. The guild is not a private high school locker room. There is zero need for gobs of profanity or even repeated use of awkward sexual innuendo. Racism will not be tolerated either, racist slang has no place in this guild. There's a simple guideline for expected behavior to use as a reference: "act like it's a workplace". No, this does not mean, we think this game is like a *job*. Far from it. It does however mean that the same respect you would show in a work environment to your co-workers who you spend many hours with, you should also show in guild chat/over voice chat.

All things considered, we understand people like to joke around and have a good time! Our guild chat tends to have a sharp sarcastic, witty flavor most of the time Wink. Really, the key is just to try and think about who might be reading or hearing what you type or say before you express it. This has helped and helps to keep an enjoyable guild atmosphere for this guild.

If anyone has any problem with how someone is acting in guild, guild chat or in a raid, please take it to any of the officers first so that we can deal with it personally and privately since we want to keep things as drama free as possible. If you're upset, don't keep it to yourself, tell us.

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