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A Little Bit About Keine Neuen
Keine Neuen is a well established 21+ PvE raiding guild for mature working adults and college students that formed on Mal'Ganis (a PvP server in CST time with most of the guild in CST/EST) in September of 2007.

For our page on WoW Progress, click here.

Keine Neuen views raiding and progression as a marathon event rather than a sprint to the finish line. We have focused our efforts on building a quality guild/raid environment to raid in and we are adept at using our raiding time wisely and efficiently. We have a desire to be in a guild filled with people who enjoy raiding with one another while pursuing raid progression. We do the best with the time we have and this is a major part of our raiding philosophy. The atmosphere is not full of tension and is laidback yet serious during raid time. Call it serious-casual or casual-hardcore if you like.

Every member of our raid team puts in what they expect to get out of each instance and encounter. This extends to preparedness for raids, whether it be having the correct consumables, resist gear for the content we are on, or having an understanding of the mechanics of the content we are currently on (or the content we are about to be on in a week or a month). We take great enjoyment in sharing information about encounters beforehand and analyzing raid encounters prior to attempts. This is very much a part of how we operate and has definitely helped us to tackle as much content as we have in such a short amount of time.

As a guild, we feel there is always a lot to learn and that we all can improve in one way or another. These attitudes and work/play ethics are ones we value highly and are what have helped us succeed.

We spend one night a week on progression content. Our current raid times are as follows :

Friday 7:30PM-11:30PM Server Time (CST)

Many people ask us how we get any progress done when we raid only 3 hours one night. The truth of the matter is that all of us really value our time and so we focus and do our best with the time that we have. We don't want anyone's time wasted. Invites typically go out 15 minutes before raid time.

We have many exceptional players who are mature, sufficiently competitive, and analytical in their approach to the game. At the same time, these traits are balanced with humility, patience and a good sense of humor. We tend to learn and move forward quickly. We also value players who fit with this guild on a social level. We all get along very well with each other; raiding is far more enjoyable when the raid team is able to joke around together, focus together, wipe together, and scream over vent with each other when downing new bosses.

The ideal candidate will read the following and think "That sounds perfect!"

  • You are looking for a guild and raiding atmosphere that is the opposite of what one traditionally finds in 'Barrens Chat' and most other guilds.

  • Your main interests are PvE progress, the thrill of downing new bosses, seeing new content, completing hard modes, the enjoyment of working as part of a well-oiled raiding machine and the temporary prestige that comes along with advancement. You don't raid just for loot or to gear yourself up for PvP.

  • You're planning on being around until you've beaten the current top-tier content. You're not here to "see how this raiding thing is" or because you're suddenly bored with Arena. You consider yourself a long-term PvE raider.

  • You have excellent knowledge of your class and desired raid role.

  • You are attentive, situationally aware, and have good reaction time. This means you know how to move out of AoEs, switch targets fast, not explode in the raid, etc.

  • You really enjoy your class and desired raid role. For example, if you're a healer, you love to heal, and you are sure this is not going to change.

  • You possess a lot of patience.

  • You aren't fickle. We may not go as fast or slow as you'd like or use the "perfect" raid makeup that you envision, and you are OK with this.

  • You're prepared to wipe. A lot. You realize that learning a boss encounter will involve learning and wiping.

  • You read up on encounters beforehand.

  • You're specced for PvE, and plan to stay that way.

  • Your gem choices and talent choices reflect your dedication to raid progression.

  • You're able to show up on time and stay for the whole raid. If for some reason you cannot make it or will be late on a particular day, you should tell us in advance.

  • You're not playing on a traded, bought or shared account. If we find out that you are, you'll be kicked without question.

  • You're able to follow instructions.

  • You're willing to take constructive criticism (not abuse. We don't do abuse). You're also willing to try to learn from your mistakes.

  • You're able to use Ventrilo. You don't have to talk, only be able to hear.

  • You've got a decent computer and stable Internet connection. If you lag or disconnect constantly, you should probably fix your technical issues before applying.

If you are looking for a guild like this, rather than a guild which takes anyone and everyone, then we are definitely the guild for you and would love to meet you and potentially invite you to raid with us and experience new content.

Other important information:

>>>Click here to see what Classes we currently need.<<<

>>>Click here for instructions on how to apply to Keine Neuen.<<<

>>>Click here to read about our Progression and Boss Kills.<<<

>>>Click here to read The Guild Behavior Policy.<<<

>>>Click here for an explanation of our Guild Ranks.<<<

As a member, you are required to read our (non-public) forums to keep up with what is going on with the guild. Participation is really key for us.

Applicants should be over 21. People who don't have control over their schedule, ability to use their computer or Internet connection, or ability to pay for WoW should steer clear of Keine Neuen. This guild largely consists of college students and working adults who don't enjoy having our time wasted (and neither should you).

As such, we try to maintain a civil, respectful, mature, and bigotry-free environment; people who desire a trash-talking guild should go elsewhere. If there is any unhappiness with how the guild functions or a player's role in the guild, we encourage discussion first and then if needed that we both move on (the guild and the player) and go our separate ways since as adults we believe that time is important and just like with any other relationship/team environment, everyone involved should want to be involved and be happy with their involvement and how things function.

Applicants should be able to string together a coherent, intelligible sentence; if your typing resembles someone rolling their face across a keyboard, this is not the place for you. Keine Neuen is an equal-opportunity raid guild; typical immature gamer prejudices are not tolerated here.

As a member, you are required to read our (non-public) forums to keep up with what is going on with the guild. Participation is really key for us.

A positive attitude is required; people who whine or are dramatic should stay far, far away! People who help create an antagonistic or negative atmosphere absolutely should not apply.

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